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  Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba America Information Systems have joined twenty other system vendors to announce the publication of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), (1/97)

Microsoft. demonstrated the first entertainment product specifically for the new Windows CE handheld PC (1/97)

Microsoft's Bill Gates recently shared his thoughts about the changes we can expect for the computer industry in 1997 (1/97)

Microsoft. recently formed a product group specifically for the development of Macintosh software (1/97)

Microsoft will be supporting the emerging digital video disc (DVD) applications running under Windows 95 and NT (12/96)

Microsoft’s Internet Mail and Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows includes support of the Internet standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (12/96)

Intel Sets Goal of Reducing PC Support Costs (10/96)

Microsoft Taps Intel and Digital for 64-bit Windows NT Enhancements (10/96)

Laptops And Cell Phones Can Navigate With Sirf’s GPS Card (10/96)

Not So New…(But Still Good Stuff…)

Intel Announces OverDrive Processors (3/96)

Financially Troubled Vendors Lead Market (3/96)

Intel Demonstrates the P55C (3/96)

Compaq And Intel Mend Fences, Compaq Joins Intel Inside (2/96)

Microsoft and MCI Form Alliance for Internet and Networking (2/96)

Microsoft Increases Internet Support for SQL Server (2/96)

Apple Licenses Mac OS to Motorola (2/96)

Intel and Microsoft Drive Development of PC Conferencing (1/96)

Intel Cuts Pentium Prices, Tells Industry to Expect Faster (1/96)

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