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Microsoft, TAIS, And Intel Publish Power Management Spec


Þ Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba America Information Systems (a subsidiary of Toshiba Corp.) have joined twenty other system vendors to announce the publication of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), a hardware independent specification for PC power management. Microsoft will be supporting the emerging digital video disc (DVD) applications running under Windows 95 and NT through its Win32 Driver model class drivers and ActiveMovie and DirectDraw application programming interfaces (APIs).


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Announcement Highlights

With ACPI, PCs can turn on automatically when accessed by a user, and can perform automated tasks after the PC has been turned off. Vendors hope to use the specification to further integrate the PC within home entertainment systems, automated home environmental controls, and other tasks. ACPI allows a PC to turn on and off myriad peripheral devices connected to a PC, including VCRs, CD-ROM and hard drives, network cards, printers and many other devices. Vendors supporting ACPI have promised products based on the specification during the second half of 1997. The following is a list of ACPI supporters:

Acer America Corp.

American Megatrends Inc.

Award Software International Inc.

Chips & Technologies

Compaq Computer Corp.

Dell Computer Corp.

Digital Equipment Corp.

Fujitsu Limited

Gateway 2000 Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Co.


Integrated Technologies Inc.

Intel Corp.

Kontron Electonik

Mentor ARC Inc.

Microid Research Inc. & Unicore Software Inc.

Microsoft Corp.

Mitsubishi PC Division

National Semiconductor Corp.

Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.

SystemSoft Corp.

Toshiba America Information Systems

Via Technologies Inc.