Research Brief

Microsoft Releases Entertainment Pack For Windows CE Handhelds


Þ Microsoft Corp. demonstrated the first entertainment product specifically designed for use in the new Windows CE handheld PC platform. Microsoft showed the new games at the Consumer Electronics Show recently and says its Entertainment Pack For Windows CE will be available through retailers in March for $34.95.


Workgroup Strategic Servicesí Analysis

· Emerging handheld PCs based on Microsoft Windows CE are designed to allow a wide range of communications with PCs, entertainment and mobile devices. While there have been productivity applications for the handheld PCs, this is the first game pack designed for the Windows CE platform. Workgroup Strategic Services expects additional vendors to announce versions of the handheld PC during 1997. For Microsoft, this establishes Windows as the de facto mobile computing platform for the industry. Workgroup Strategic Services believes Microsoft will further enhance Windows CE to incorporate more types of entertainment media and communications abilities.


Announcement Highlights

Minimum system requirements for use on a desktop system are a 486/33 DX with 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, VGA monitor and Windows 95 with HPC Explorer installed. Minimum installation requirements for the MIPS-based handheld PCs running Windows CE are 614 KB available RAM (124 KB RAM minimum); and 512 KB RAM (108 KB RAM minimum) for the SH3-based handhelds. The Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows CE contains the following ten games:

Sink the Ships

Space Defense