Research Brief

Intel and Microsoft Drive Development of PC Conferencing

Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation will work with AT&T, PictureTel and others in developing interoperable, standards-compliant implementations for multipoint conferencing with PCs. The goal of the group is to ensure that PCs can connect to each other using industry-standard multipoint control units (MCUs). Intel and Microsoft will work with the International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium, Inc. (IMTC) to host interoperability events to test applications and resolve issues regarding the development of conferencing standards. The emerging industry standards will be based on the T.120 standard from the International Telecommunications Union(ITU) for data conferencing. The first interoperability event is scheduled for March 25-27, 1996 in Santa Clara, California.



Intel and Microsoft are once again at the forefront of PC related standards development. In this case, both companies are teaming with two of the major players in the telecommunications and video conferencing arenas. By leveraging acknowledged standards for conferencing, Intel and Microsoft are helping to ensure that they are an indispensable part of multipoint video conferencing applications. Both Intel and Microsoft will be able to use the early access to the standards and protocols for video conferencing to optimize their own products for current and future applications.