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Company Overview

Workgroup Strategic Services, Inc. is an independent corporation, comprised of a select group of key industry analysts and technical specialists. Our exclusive charter is to advise client companies, within both the end-user and vendor community, on the impact of changing technology, emerging market trends and the adoption rate and industry acceptance of new technology.

Our reputation has been built on the ability to provide a continual flow of customized information designed to meet the unique requirements of each client company. This intelligence has been effectively utilized to develop and enhance their internal strategies, directions and industry strategic alliance directions.

Workgroup Strategic staff are most often considered primary independent contractors to a customer's own internal strategic planning, market and product development and design groups.

The company maintains independent research and analysis in a variety of technology segments including hardware, applications, operating systems, and networks. Additionally, Workgroup Strategic Services maintains a broad range of external information sources which monitor the industry news and major events on a daily basis. These diverse sets of information, when combined with our analysis, provide decision makers with a level of information unattainable from typical research providers.

Workgroup Strategic Services is located in Portsmouth NH and may be contacted at (603) 431-4409 or via the Internet at WGSS@WGSS.COM.

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